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World's 1st Customised Ayurvedic Hair & Skin Regimen

Hair & Skin - Vedix products are customised for YOUR needs

What Are Doshas?

According to Ayurveda every person is born with a set of characteristics called as their Prakruti.

Prakruti consists of Tri Dosha (3 Doshas) namely, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, according to the Tridosha Theory.

Vata represents the workings of Air and Ether energy, Pitta represents the functions of Fire energy and Kapha represents the operations of Water and Earth energy. The mechanism of these 5 energies regulate, direct, control and manage all the functions in one's body.

Tri Doshas

Vedix's 3-step Solution To Your Concern

Answer simple questions about your hair to help us assess your Unique Dosha Profile

The Vedix certified team of Ayurvedic doctors ensure that the ingredients that go into your custom regimen match your inputs given in the Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire.

Choose a hair care kit that suits you and book your customised Vedix solution!

What Customers are Saying

Was a little hard in the beginning, pre-wash oiling was new to me but it was really relaxing and then shampooing and the serum became a habit of sorts. I could see my hair texture change in a week and it’s been 3 months now - my hair is definitely longer and healthier than it was in years.

I really did not know Ayurveda was like the mother of Yoga! I practice yoga everyday and guess Vedix was doing the same for my hair - but with products of course. It is an experience like no other - the rules you follow are designed to work on your hair’s needs and guess it showed. My partner actually noticed my hair becoming soft and silky!

I’ve been a stylist for years and treated my hair regularly. Curls, colors and so much styling took a toll and that’s when my cousin suggested this on Insta, tried it, been just a week but it is nice on my scalp. It’s soothing and my hair does not feel dry at all. Ask for the vintage wooden comb, I got it for free!

Mindy Peterson 27, New Jersey
Katrina Preston 43, Chicago
Denise Sanders 35, Boston

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