Choose A Plan That's Right For You

Choose A Plan That's Right For You

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3 Step Hair Care Kit

(Oil, Shampoo & Serum)

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Know Your Hair

What Customers are Saying

Was a little hard in the beginning, pre-wash oiling was new to me but it was really relaxing and then shampooing and the serum became a habit of sorts. I could see my hair texture change in a week and it’s been 3 months now - my hair is definitely longer and healthier than it was in years.

I really did not know Ayurveda was like the mother of Yoga! I practice yoga everyday and guess Vedix was doing the same for my hair - but with products of course. It is an experience like no other - the rules you follow are designed to work on your hair’s needs and guess it showed. My partner actually noticed my hair becoming soft and silky!

I’ve been a stylist for years and treated my hair regularly. Curls, colors and so much styling took a toll and that’s when my cousin suggested this on Insta, tried it, been just a week but it is nice on my scalp. It’s soothing and my hair does not feel dry at all. Ask for the vintage wooden comb, I got it for free!

Mindy Peterson 27, New Jersey
Katrina Preston 43, Chicago
Denise Sanders 35, Boston