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I just started using it like a week ago. Was excited to try it but the. I noticed I was shedding so much hair wasn’t sure if it was an initial reaction but I will continue and see how my hair adapts to the Ayurvedic formulation

I like it so far but I have to be patience with it

Definitely noticed less hair fallout. Hair feels fuller and less breakage 🥰

Styling game changer! Love it

I have zero frizzy hair days! Yay for Tay!

Love how its non-sticky and protects my shafts!

I cannot do without this!

Impressive results, healthier-looking hair.

This serum transformed my hair, leaving it glossy and full of life.

I'm amazed by the improvement in my hair's strength.

Love this product! Reduces hair fall, improves hair health.

This oil has transformed my hair's overall health and appearance.

From dull to vibrant - this oil works wonders on my hair.

My hair looks healthier and more manageable.

Obsessed! Nourishing, smooth, manageable hair.

Noticed a boost in hair volume and fullness.

Essential! Love how I dont have to go to the salon so often!

Can't live without it! Nourishes, adds shine, smoothens hair.

Obsessed! Tames frizz, adds shine, perfect for effortless styling.

My hair has never felt this smooth and healthy!

Refreshing, oil-free hair with this shampoo.

Noticed reduced hair fall and healthier hair texture with this serum.